K of Kenworthy's Hydro

The K of Kenworthy's

This is the K of a sign that was on Kenworthy’s Hydropathic Establishment, Bath Street – I think it was on the back of Kenworthy Mansions? – Can anybody tell me where on the building it was? I think I saw an old photo once of it on the building. I hope to reinstate the sign in its correct position as part of the renovations of the Hydropathic Establishment. (I have 95% of the sign ready to reinstate!)

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  • I’ve just found a different photo in my files – this one shows the signs on the CORNER building of Bath Street-Bold Street; I originally thought it said ‘The Limes’ hydro, but this is a slightly clearer image. This may well be your lettering.

    By GEOFF WRIGHT (09/02/2024)
  • I have been unable to find a good, clear image of the building with the lettering, but some do show them at the Bath Street frontage, on the right, between the third and fourth floors. I have an image to show you, but couldn’t seem to post it here. Not sure if it is the same lettering, but I have not seen any others.

    By GEOFF WRIGHT (09/02/2024)

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